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Tourism bosses call for penalty rates to be scrapped

With many restaurants and cafes in the city centre closed on Labour Day, Geelong was described as a ghost town by some visitors.

Regional tourism boss, Roger Grant, said research by the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) had identified penalty rates as one of the biggest obstacles to the successful operation of hospitality businesses.

The latest VTIC survey revealed 70 per cent of business owners in the hospitality sector identified wage costs as a major constraint on their operation, Ms Smith said.

every time we have spoken to people in the industry they have agreed that there needs to be greater flexibility in the whole framework to reflect the "Oxandrolone Powder India" 24 7 nature Turinabol Once Or Twice A Day of the tourism business and events industry, she said.

want people to understand that the workplace has changed, that Geelong is changing. Geelong Trades Hall secretary Tim Gooden said about a 24 7 society was part of a plan to drive down labour costs across the board, not just in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

He added that if penalty rates prevented businesses staying open all hours, it was a good thing.

penalty rates would be at the expense of workers and the fabric of society, Mr Gooden said.

Families which did not spend time together because one or both parents were working all the time could quickly become unhappy and dysfunctional, he said.

Mr Buy Cheap Jintropin Online Grant said the atmosphere in central Geelong on Monday public holiday contrasted sharply with the "Oxandrolone Powder India" in the city on Saturday and Sunday, and it would be wonderful to see the CBD vibrant and reaching its full potential all of the time.

was a complete contrast to the weekend where I walked around Geelong. There was the vibrancy, the activity and the vibe that you would expect from a major tourism city, he said. all of a sudden the next day, it hit the wall. Testosterone Enanthate Geofman The industry isn stupid but they have to weigh up the cost of resources and services compared to the level of income they likely to get. cafe and restaurant owners told the Addy higher employment costs on public holidays affected the profitability of their businesses and sometimes meant it was not worthwhile opening.

POPULAR Pakington Street cafe Three Little Figs opened on Labour Day but not without angst.

Co owner Lucy Woolnough said opening was only made possible by the fact all the owners worked on the day and her mother came in to help out.

penalty rates on public holidays are outrageous, she said.

While she accepted paying penalty rates was just something cafe owners to cop on weekends and public holidays, it would definitely help her business bottom line if they were scrapped, Ms Woolnough admitted.

Penalty rates were also part of the reason popular Bellerine Street eatery, Cafe Go, chose not to open on Monday.

But co owner Stephen Bell said reasons were also factors in the decision.

It was 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron nice to take a day off occasionally and spend it with family, Mr Bell said.

The story from Little Winstrol W Tabletkach Cena Ryrie Street cafe A Spot for Joe was similar, "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" with owner Jared Cooper saying wage costs were a consideration, but not the main reason behind his decision to close for the day.

work save of marshall Posted at 10:25 AM July 13, 2014

My favourite bike/sports store is closed every Sunday. You could argue they should be open as they provide to the leisure industry. They must be doing something right as they're very successful and don't need to trade on Sundays and their staff are the better for it.

That's one reason I'll always shop there.

OMG, someone had to take time away from their family/hobby to work in their own business? Does anyone else find it ironic when owners complain they have to work in their own business on a public holiday? Oh, because they want to spend time with their family.

Any bet extended family helped in financial and non financial ways: baby sitting, shop renovations, interest free loans, carting goods, junk mail delivery, etc. Add some labour help on public holidays. You should factor this in when setting up business. If not, it's your failure. Don't cry that you bear the losses, you know that from the beginning.

Stazza of Corio Posted at 9:34 AM March 13, 2014

What about people working in essential services, who are on a roster to work on public holidays? Is not the idea of a public holiday to spend time with family and friends?

Geelong like Melbourne is often deserted on public holidays when the weather is favourable and rightly so. People head off to the beaches and country areas. Why can't business owners face up to this fact. Our problem in Victoria is a lack of full time jobs. Creating a few more part time jobs on public holidays is not going to change this. Bring on the state election, vote for a change and get some public infrastructure projects underway.